Sunday, July 19, 2009


loosing the smile again because it has been 15 minutes in the water!!!!!!


the CRAZY FISH bored of me already so they quite lazy to play more!!!!!!!

is it last picture taken????

NO!!!!!!!!!! still more coming hahahahahhaha

NICE SMILE????? huhuhuhuhu....

got smile?????

because i was forced by my sister hahahah....

actually i was quite afraid for the first time playing with CRAZY FISH.....


tHe cAm sEem jUsT fOcUsEd oN tHat CRAZY FISH!!!!!! huhuhuhu.....

where is my other eye?

just show one of it...hahahahahaha..........wek! :-P

CAK!!!!!!! heheheh felt so relieve when got time forget something sad...

actually that time (MARCH) got crisis with someone special to me.....

luckily that CRAZY FISH help me through it AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


see people beside me???

hahahah that only part of her body (sister friends)

we were fighting escape from the CRAZY FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FELT HURT!!!!!!!!!!!! no La....:-)

is it HURT???????????


it was totally fun but some time when the CRAZY FISH bite your fingers tips it was nauseating (geli) hahahahaahha

cRazY FISH vs cRazY pErsOn hahah!!!!!!!!!!

Fighting to survive and out from the CRAZY FISH conquer zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im not crazy!!! but The fish!!!! heheheheh seem so fun when fish bite our hand even the CRAZY FISH dont have any teeth to bite......

heheheh this picture was taken during my holiday when my sister and her friends took me with them at "RANAU"

cRazY FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my hand being ate by bunch of crazy FISH!!!!!! help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gosh what a crazy fish is these totally cant differentiate food and

human fingers,,,,,,

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Its felt like crazy when fall in love with somone that u love so much..its didnt cares what problem comes or happened its seem that i cant mad for a long time period. I LOVE U SO MUCH!! is the words that i always said to the person, hope it will know how much i cares and love compares the other...sometimes i always thinks what are the reason i love so much? but i cant figure it out...its totally makes me crazy..everytime, second or even got less than second i mush think of the person. I DONT KNOW WHY......if i can meet the person i wan as soon as possible but there is to much obsticles or berrier that i have to face to be with the person. BUT I HAVE PROMISE MY SELF THAT I WILL WAIT UNTIL THE DAY HAS COME FOR US (TOGETHER)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hiiii guys.....felt so bored right now,nothing to do at home and all my friends at my home town not back yet from peninsular. Every time i have a walk by my own no one accompany me, life at my home town so bored. Most of my time just at home no where else, just watched tv and eat. But there is a goodness behind all of this which mean i can more have a time with my family. Its has been almost a year i didn't go back,,,,,miss all of my family and relatives as well. Actually i got a program during my holiday but i cant make it because my family don't let me go.....hahaahah what i can do? this is because all of them love ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HOLIDAY... YEAH!!!!!!!!

This may until jun is holiday time for our college. i am going back to my home town at 8may 2009 using express bus. the bus name is ANDISBA express, that night the bus move around 7.45pm at the terminal station of kota kinabalu. After a while move leaved the city, sudently the bus stop for the first time, got a bit problem with their aircon. After a while, they being fix the problem, sudently not longer after that sudently the bus that i follow got another problem. This time about the breck doesnt functioned well, and we stop at the junction of the road. They decided to move us to the second bus from kotakinabalu. we have to wait and to be patient around 1 hour and than finally the bus arrived.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

iM hUrT 30 aPriL 2009

I don't expected this happen to me while i give all my trust and willingness to treat in a top my heart. Sometimes i still can handle it even deep inside my heart hard to let that things happened. I give all i got even i know that i can't fulfill all the desire that " " want. Tonight 9.05pm i don't know why i can get or collected all the information about the things that " " done. At least just be honest and tell the truth what going on all the day, its hurt when being lied even though i don't want this happened. I am totally disappointed, oh my god please help me to describe what going on my life now. Am i being played? Am i a loser? i really2 love you so much, hope u can understand it, i don't force u to accept me and far from my heart to let you go. Even the relationship just a short but seem i am so happy being with you, i am so glad if you can know what inside my heart. You are my life, you are everything for me......PLEASE DON'T LIED TO ME.....i don't beg from u to know what i fell about u. I know you also love someone else, but hope u can CHOOSE which one is for you. This night totally will be the night that i will not forget until forever, because it is the night................END OF STORY.

Monday, April 20, 2009


today April 21 2009 i just stay at home and not go anywhere because no paper exam today. i wake up quite late 10.30am hahaha so tired because play game and chatting last night. Every time i woke up i must thinking of the person that i love so much. checking my sms inbox is the first step i do and see whether got receive sms or not. luckily today that person sms me before going to school,and its makes me totlly happy even my eys not open fully. hoping after back from school that person will sms me again. WISH ME LUCK WITH THAT PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This month totally the best ever because i fall in love with someone that i really love as the person love me also. The feeling cannot describe the relation of us because every time we been sms the heart beet so fast. I love that person so much even we haven't see yet all this time but i know that the person will wait until the time has come. this person is the great ever i meet and know. The smile totally catch my eyes even through only a pictures, but it seem i know the person for a long time already. I LOVE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!!!!

look into my eyes you will see the darkness that i mean. The innocent face really catch you? its all bluf because its only a picture that no guilty at all. this picture will presented me when im a sad mood.
20/04/2009 is my examination week which started and i am still not in a mood of study. since from semester one until now my study schedule always in a last minutes maybe because easy to remember. Today the exam question is sales management subject which is quite easy because the answer been provide and it just need to elaborate. We were quite lucky because the examiner who took care of us quite lazy to move around to check whether we got cheating while answer the question. Before this, my friends and i have tried many kind of methods to cheat and one of my friend which is sit beside my take out her answer paper which contains all the answer for the question provides. she was quite lucky because the examiner not check her desk.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

still blur first time hahaha

what should i say??? i am wondering to talk something interest, but i don't know what.... next time will be hehehe

Thinking of my future that i will not know what are the result makes me got headache. seem i also afraid to know what the future i will be, am i gonna be a person that being hope by my family? who is know? these feeling make me scared to look forward. GOT ADVISES???????