Sunday, July 19, 2009


loosing the smile again because it has been 15 minutes in the water!!!!!!


the CRAZY FISH bored of me already so they quite lazy to play more!!!!!!!

is it last picture taken????

NO!!!!!!!!!! still more coming hahahahahhaha

NICE SMILE????? huhuhuhuhu....

got smile?????

because i was forced by my sister hahahah....

actually i was quite afraid for the first time playing with CRAZY FISH.....


tHe cAm sEem jUsT fOcUsEd oN tHat CRAZY FISH!!!!!! huhuhuhu.....

where is my other eye?

just show one of it...hahahahahaha..........wek! :-P

CAK!!!!!!! heheheh felt so relieve when got time forget something sad...

actually that time (MARCH) got crisis with someone special to me.....

luckily that CRAZY FISH help me through it AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


see people beside me???

hahahah that only part of her body (sister friends)

we were fighting escape from the CRAZY FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FELT HURT!!!!!!!!!!!! no La....:-)

is it HURT???????????


it was totally fun but some time when the CRAZY FISH bite your fingers tips it was nauseating (geli) hahahahaahha

cRazY FISH vs cRazY pErsOn hahah!!!!!!!!!!

Fighting to survive and out from the CRAZY FISH conquer zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im not crazy!!! but The fish!!!! heheheheh seem so fun when fish bite our hand even the CRAZY FISH dont have any teeth to bite......

heheheh this picture was taken during my holiday when my sister and her friends took me with them at "RANAU"

cRazY FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my hand being ate by bunch of crazy FISH!!!!!! help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gosh what a crazy fish is these totally cant differentiate food and

human fingers,,,,,,