Thursday, April 30, 2009

iM hUrT 30 aPriL 2009

I don't expected this happen to me while i give all my trust and willingness to treat in a top my heart. Sometimes i still can handle it even deep inside my heart hard to let that things happened. I give all i got even i know that i can't fulfill all the desire that " " want. Tonight 9.05pm i don't know why i can get or collected all the information about the things that " " done. At least just be honest and tell the truth what going on all the day, its hurt when being lied even though i don't want this happened. I am totally disappointed, oh my god please help me to describe what going on my life now. Am i being played? Am i a loser? i really2 love you so much, hope u can understand it, i don't force u to accept me and far from my heart to let you go. Even the relationship just a short but seem i am so happy being with you, i am so glad if you can know what inside my heart. You are my life, you are everything for me......PLEASE DON'T LIED TO ME.....i don't beg from u to know what i fell about u. I know you also love someone else, but hope u can CHOOSE which one is for you. This night totally will be the night that i will not forget until forever, because it is the night................END OF STORY.