Monday, April 20, 2009


today April 21 2009 i just stay at home and not go anywhere because no paper exam today. i wake up quite late 10.30am hahaha so tired because play game and chatting last night. Every time i woke up i must thinking of the person that i love so much. checking my sms inbox is the first step i do and see whether got receive sms or not. luckily today that person sms me before going to school,and its makes me totlly happy even my eys not open fully. hoping after back from school that person will sms me again. WISH ME LUCK WITH THAT PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This month totally the best ever because i fall in love with someone that i really love as the person love me also. The feeling cannot describe the relation of us because every time we been sms the heart beet so fast. I love that person so much even we haven't see yet all this time but i know that the person will wait until the time has come. this person is the great ever i meet and know. The smile totally catch my eyes even through only a pictures, but it seem i know the person for a long time already. I LOVE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!!!!

look into my eyes you will see the darkness that i mean. The innocent face really catch you? its all bluf because its only a picture that no guilty at all. this picture will presented me when im a sad mood.
20/04/2009 is my examination week which started and i am still not in a mood of study. since from semester one until now my study schedule always in a last minutes maybe because easy to remember. Today the exam question is sales management subject which is quite easy because the answer been provide and it just need to elaborate. We were quite lucky because the examiner who took care of us quite lazy to move around to check whether we got cheating while answer the question. Before this, my friends and i have tried many kind of methods to cheat and one of my friend which is sit beside my take out her answer paper which contains all the answer for the question provides. she was quite lucky because the examiner not check her desk.