Sunday, May 31, 2009


Its felt like crazy when fall in love with somone that u love so much..its didnt cares what problem comes or happened its seem that i cant mad for a long time period. I LOVE U SO MUCH!! is the words that i always said to the person, hope it will know how much i cares and love compares the other...sometimes i always thinks what are the reason i love so much? but i cant figure it out...its totally makes me crazy..everytime, second or even got less than second i mush think of the person. I DONT KNOW WHY......if i can meet the person i wan as soon as possible but there is to much obsticles or berrier that i have to face to be with the person. BUT I HAVE PROMISE MY SELF THAT I WILL WAIT UNTIL THE DAY HAS COME FOR US (TOGETHER)

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  1. Gua nak jemput lu dtg kenduri kat blog gua.
    Follow terus pun xpa.

    Blog gua tu dah tak seimbang.Ramai budak berat belah punk.

    Gua dah 6 hari merantau jemput kenduri ni.


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