Sunday, May 31, 2009


Its felt like crazy when fall in love with somone that u love so much..its didnt cares what problem comes or happened its seem that i cant mad for a long time period. I LOVE U SO MUCH!! is the words that i always said to the person, hope it will know how much i cares and love compares the other...sometimes i always thinks what are the reason i love so much? but i cant figure it out...its totally makes me crazy..everytime, second or even got less than second i mush think of the person. I DONT KNOW WHY......if i can meet the person i wan as soon as possible but there is to much obsticles or berrier that i have to face to be with the person. BUT I HAVE PROMISE MY SELF THAT I WILL WAIT UNTIL THE DAY HAS COME FOR US (TOGETHER)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hiiii guys.....felt so bored right now,nothing to do at home and all my friends at my home town not back yet from peninsular. Every time i have a walk by my own no one accompany me, life at my home town so bored. Most of my time just at home no where else, just watched tv and eat. But there is a goodness behind all of this which mean i can more have a time with my family. Its has been almost a year i didn't go back,,,,,miss all of my family and relatives as well. Actually i got a program during my holiday but i cant make it because my family don't let me go.....hahaahah what i can do? this is because all of them love ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HOLIDAY... YEAH!!!!!!!!

This may until jun is holiday time for our college. i am going back to my home town at 8may 2009 using express bus. the bus name is ANDISBA express, that night the bus move around 7.45pm at the terminal station of kota kinabalu. After a while move leaved the city, sudently the bus stop for the first time, got a bit problem with their aircon. After a while, they being fix the problem, sudently not longer after that sudently the bus that i follow got another problem. This time about the breck doesnt functioned well, and we stop at the junction of the road. They decided to move us to the second bus from kotakinabalu. we have to wait and to be patient around 1 hour and than finally the bus arrived.